What Is MedPad™

Notifies when a patient or loved one needs bedding changed

Smart technology IoMT devices are poised to change the face of healthcare. We improve quality of care by leveraging technology to support caregivers and patients. Our patented smart bed pad technology provides real time analytics to caregivers, taking out the guesswork and inefficiencies. Our incontinence remote patient monitoring system triggers notifications to caregivers and family members when bedding needs to be changed. We understand the challenges of providing for your loved one. We can help you respond to their needs while maintaining their dignity. Even when you can’t be there, MedPad™ is there to respond and protect. We are a company  dedicated to helping families and caregivers understand and respond to incontinence through our patented smart bed pad technology and incontinence remote patient monitoring system.

Realtime Analytics and Historical Data for Proof of Care

In the constantly evolving environment of healthcare in the US, we want to give you an easy tool to track incidents and the necessary protocol of linen changes for proper billing. Surveys are sometimes subjective, but the MedPad™ system will allow you to have independent verification of the timeliness of responses as well as the data necessary to easily provide support for each incident billed for each patient. When MedPad's incontinence remote patient monitoring system detects soilage, the timestamp is captured and a notification is sent. When the MedPad™ system's smart bedding pad is exchanged, the timestamp is captured and the clean MedPad™ system's smart smart bed pad timestamp is captured. By improving the accuracy of data, we can give hospitals, long term care, and home health agencies the documented support that care is being provided in a reasonable amount of time, avoiding downstream costs such as re-hospitalizations and pressure ulcers which cause an estimated $9.1 -- $11.6 billion per year in the US.

Can dramatically reduce infections and sores from soiled bedding

Wounds and skin infections can quickly develop by prolonged exposure to the moist conditions created by incontinence. Pressure ulcers and incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD) are common injuries sustained from skin exposed to moisture, friction and pressure. Physical repercussions can include swelling, oozing, vesiculation, crusting and scaling. Skin breaks 4 times more easily with excess moisture than dry skin. Moisture from incontinence makes the skin weaker and more prone to infection, irritation and inflammation which can lead to sores and ulcers as fragile skin breaks down. Because the MedPad™ system is constantly monitoring the patient using patented smart bed pad technology and the MedPad™ smart bed pad is included in moisture sensitive loMT bedding, the incontinence remote patient monitoring system can send out notifications when soilage is detected. By receiving notifications immediately, caregivers are able to change the MedPad™ system's smart reusable pads and remove the environment which causes so many of the health concerns that give rise to additional medical issues and longer hospital stays.

Restores Dignity to Those Who Are Bed Bound

It is estimated that 10% to 35% of adults suffer from some form of incontinence. Despite the common nature of this condition, many caregivers observe the gradual loss of activity, comfort and privacy. Particularly for aging loved ones and patients, exposing vulnerable areas of the body to strangers every few hours can be a humiliating experience. The MedPad™ incontinence remote patient monitoring system system allows both the patient and caregiver to stay connected so that they don’t have to ask for help, and you don’t have to conduct unneeded bedding checks. No one wants to see another person suffer from a preventable and treatable condition. MedPad's incontinence remote patient monitoring system can help you quickly respond and keep these high risk areas of the body clean and dry.

Eliminates unnecessary bedding checks and helps caregivers use their time more efficiently.

The demanding world of healthcare professionals and family caregivers requires strong support from the tools you use every day. The current minimum mobility standard requires that beds be manually checked every few hours. We want to give time back to you by avoiding unnecessary bed checks. Right now, it is likely that a patient or loved one may have an incident directly after the bedding is ‘checked’. This could result in a delay of several hours before traditional soiled bed pads are changed. With the MedPad system, the smart bed pad is included in moisture sensitive loMT bedding so that you are able to direct your attention to those who need your assistance directly upon an incident occurring. As our analytical capabilities grow, we hope to gain predictive data which will allow caregivers to get loved ones up before an incident occurs. As momma always said… work smarter not harder.

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Smart devices and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) are poised to transform the face of healthcare.
We improve the quality of care by leveraging technology to support caregivers and patients.

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